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You may be wondering - what is Etsy?

What is Etsy?  Hopefully this will explain this wonderful marketplace a bit better...

Etsy is an online marketplace for buying & selling all things handmade whose mission is to enable people to make a living making things, and to reconnect makers with buyers.   Etsy's vision is to build a neweconomy and present a better choice:

Buy, Sell, and Live Handmade.

Paypal is my preferred method of payment - it is fast and speeds delivery of your beads.  If you have more questions about purchasing any of the available beads, please email me at:


ELEVEN NEW MOON FOCALS:  Parthenope, Egeria, Melpomene, Proserpina, Bellona, Amphitrite, Leukothea, Fides, Donati, Mellish, and Tenagra added 9/14



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I am so very pleased to announce that Robin Koza of Glass Diversions has selected Beadles to be an official frit tester for her product line of frit combinations.  Glass Division's frits have been an integral part of my beads since I started lampworking.  Robin has such a flair for color, color combinations, and how reactive glass plays a part in developing design and sometimes texture.  Color is a major focus for me and I think this partnership will be not only fun but perhaps helpful for you if you are a beadmaker or jewelry designer.

By clicking on the above "Glass Diversions" logo, you will be taken to Robin's website to see her complete product line.

Testing results may be viewed by clicking the "Frit Test" button above in the menu bar.  I hope you find this part of "Beadles" interesting and informative.



By "Galadryl" - Sylvia White

(Check out Sylvia's Designer Gallery here at Beadles!)

Looking for that perfect frame for one of my moon focals, or for any other 7/8" button bead focal?  Sylvia White, the Jewelry Designer behind "Galadryl" has written a tutorial showing you how to frame this size of bead with beauty, grace, and charm.  

This tutorial is for the "intermediate" wire wrapper, but Sylvia's instructions are crystal clear and easy to follow.  She has included many pictures to aid the pupil.

You can purchase this in Sylvia's Etsy shop for $6.95 (USD) and delivery is quick since it is an email-transmitted pdf file.  Give it a go....and if you are looking for a Moon Focal or a Marscape Focal, I might just know where to find those as well!

Click below on the link to find Sylvia's tutorial!

Galadryl on Etsy



For my friends living in Germany or for those who speak German, here is a book for you!  Tanja Paulus has written a wonderful new book about creating wire jewelry.  From beginner's to intermediate to advanced, this book is for you!  Learn about wire wrapping basics, design, and  more intricate details in jewelry creation.  Lots of pictures along with descriptions.  Tanja has also featured some of Sylvia White's creations as well.

Click on the books to learn more:



"Faszination Draht 2" has been published and is now available!  The cover displays one of my moon focals and a Retro Pink focal bead.  

Inside, Tanja used these beads in two necklace projects.



"Faszination Draht 3" has been published and is now available!  Tanja has included 3 projects using Beadles beads.

Read more about the 3rd Edition under my updated "News" section.  Thank you Tanja!


Also, be sure to check out her Designer Gallery page here at Beadles!